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Radiator & tank for power transformer and part thereof.

 Electrical & electronic. / 134 views

High technology automation, automated equipment, robotic loader, flexible manufacturing system

 Electrical & electronic. /  Krubong Industrial Estate. / 35 views

Medium voltage advanced connectors.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Others / 19 views

Manufacturer of Al and CU conductors,armoured and non- armoured, aluminium cables, bare AI and CU conductors, all Al conductors (AAC)

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 27 views

Manufacturer of militaryelectronic, computer monitor swivel arm, opto-electronic sub-units for air defence system, printed circuit boards assembly.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 13 views

Degaussing coil, plastic bobbin electronic component, plastic axie, degaussing coil.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 17 views

Manufacturing of SMT chipholders on leadframes, injection mouldings.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 21 views

Machinery for semiconductor industries i.e wire bonded machine, die bonder machine.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 28 views

Electronics parts & wire harness.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Jasin Industrial Park. / 20 views

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly (electronic components for audio product)PCB assembly for computer related products television equipment

 Electrical & electronic. /  HICOM Pegoh Industrial Park. / 22 views

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