Invest Melaka Berhad

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Traditional medicine pharmaceutical products & health supplements in the form of tablet, capsule, pill, powder, liquid, lotion cream & ointment

 Food manufacturing. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 23 views

Manufacturer of corrugated paper products ,trading of carton boxes.

 Paper, printing & publishing. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 21 views

Degaussing coil, plastic bobbin electronic component, plastic axie, degaussing coil.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 17 views

Manufacturer of precision aluminium/zine die casting, plastic molding.

 Fabricated metal products. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 19 views

Manufacturer of elastic cords,straps,plastic straps.

 Rubber products. /  Alor Gajah Industrial Estate / 17 views

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