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Manufacturer of Al and CU conductors,armoured and non- armoured, aluminium cables, bare AI and CU conductors, all Al conductors (AAC)

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 28 views

Manufacturer of militaryelectronic, computer monitor swivel arm, opto-electronic sub-units for air defence system, printed circuit boards assembly.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 13 views

Manufacturing of SMT chipholders on leadframes, injection mouldings.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 22 views

Printed circuit board assembly and testing service.

 Paper, printing & publishing. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 24 views

Machinery for semiconductor industries i.e wire bonded machine, die bonder machine.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 29 views

Manufacturer of diodes, integrated circuit, sipmos, transistors, semiconductor devices, lamps wafer sawing, fullpack, topled

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 21 views

Flat chip resistors carbon film fixed resistors, semi-fixed resistors, metal oxide resistors, MELF type fixed resistors

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 22 views

Flour (rice), rice vermicelli, noodles, pasta, bee hon, dried foodstuff.

 Food manufacturing. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 19 views

Extrusion ceramic, alumina substrates, slider ceramics, dry press, media ball, alumina ball.

 Non - metallic products. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 21 views

3 1/2 computer diskettes & DVD ram, disc assembly portable electric lamps massager.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 18 views

Manufacturer of flexible printed circuits, flex assembly.

 Electrical & electronic. /  Batu Berendam (FTZ). / 23 views

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