Invest Melaka Berhad

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Food grade paper bag such as satchel & flat bag for bread, sandwich, fast food, grocery item, wine bag, book store, fresh fruit on the...

 Paper, printing & publishing. /  Malim Jaya Industrial Park. / 1 views

Solid wooden panel be louvres doors/windows,kitchen cabinet door,wooden door frames,arch be window frame also provide timber moulding and kiln -dry.

 Wood & wood products. /  Malim Jaya Industrial Park. / 4 views

Toiletries, household products, car care products, body care products.

 Miscellaneous. /  Malim Jaya Industrial Park. / 2 views

Factory automation equipment and parts .There of for the back end semiconductor manufacturing process.i.e ;tape& reel machine .

 Machinery Manufacturing /  Malim Jaya Industrial Park. / 1 views