Invest Melaka Berhad

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Ferrous & non ferrous foundry & engineering works.

 Fabricated metal products. /  Merlimau Industrial Estate. / 4 views

Cementitious products manufacturing

 Chemical & chemical products /  Merlimau Industrial Estate. / 2 views

Plastic, housewares, viz fork, spoon, tray, plate, cup & mug, glass chopping board etc.

 Plastic products. /  Merlimau Industrial Estate.

Manufacturer of deformed bars, high tensile round bars, mild-steel.

 Basic metal products /  Merlimau Industrial Estate. / 1 views

Hoses (fuel,heater,LPG,radiator),mats (rubber),moulded rubber products

 Rubber products. /  Merlimau Industrial Estate.

Drinks manufacturing, packing, filling (owned by Perniagaan Orang Kampung)

 Food manufacturing. /  Merlimau Industrial Estate.

Metal machining, manufacturer machine components &manufacturer mining machinery.

 Machinery Manufacturing /  Merlimau Industrial Estate.

Fabricated metal products, standard metal window Louvre frames.

 Fabricated metal products. /  Merlimau Industrial Estate. / 4 views

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